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White Spruce Trees

White SpruceWhite spruce trees are very similar to the popular Colorado Blue Spruce, but they have a lighter spring green--blue color.  They are short needled and slightly prickley so deer won't eat them. White Spruce Survive well in drought conditions but only after a new tree has been established for at least one year!  White spruce trees make beautiful ornamentals.  Still they are used often as windbreaks and  also commonly used for achieving a total screens to block out an ugly view.

As they mature they still retain the thick branching and total block all the way to the ground.  All white Spruce trees we sell are natural and have never been sheared, They are thick but natural.  They grow in zones 2-6 and they cost $79.99 each for 7-8 foot trees.

Natural White Spruce never trimmed!