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White Pine Trees

The White Pine is a tree that made Wisconsin famous in the old logging days and is a native of Wisconsin.  The soft long needles have a blue-green color with a hint of white.  This tree is a favorite of landscapers and nurseries.  Years of meticulous shearing by our farm, have created a beautiful dense conical or pyramid shaped tree that will be maintenance free for you!   Because of the heavy  trimming when the trees were young these white Pine trees are thick from the bottom up and they will retain their great shape for many years!

If you desire to keep your tree a certain height or width you can do so by trimming it only once a year between June 6 and June 20th.  Just snip off the central leader and trim off some new growth! Some people have kept White Pine the same size and fullness for 50 years!

These trees are popular to block out or to create a screen as well as to beautify a yard or a cabin setting!  White Pine trees are shade tolerant, still they will get thinner and stretch out in lower light conditions!  In full sun they stay thick and compact. They can grow in just about any soil from sand to clay, and they are very hardy growing in zones 3-8.  They do not have a single tap root like Red Pines, but instead they have a fibrous web of many roots.

"Premium" Sheared White Pine"Premium" Sheared White Pine
Premium trees will have tighter layers and closer branching because of many years of trimming.  They will be very thick and they will make a solid block of anything going on behind them.  Deer should not bother or damage them because the branching is so thick and the trees are to large. They should not get hollow or look bad on the bottom as the branches continue to grow, especially if they are planted where sun can touch all sides.

Once your trees have reached the desired height and width you can keep them full by trimming them once annually! Don't forget most people don't ever trim a white pine and they just let them grow naturally into a gorgeous tall and full tree! Premium trees are $79.99 each.

"Natural" Unsheared White Pine"Natural" Unsheared White Pine
Natural or Unsheared trees are grown naturally and have never or only once been trimmed.  They are still beautiful and full but they are thinner than a premium tree. Imagine you can see movement on the other side of the tree but still you can't make out the object!  These trees are perfect for cabins, houses, driveways and natural yards where you want an instant natural look of the wilderness. Natural White Pine trees start at$69.99