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River Birch Trees

Medium aged multi stem riverbirch.River Birch Trees thrive in low wet rich soils, but also does well in almost any soil.  It can thrive in very hot heat and can withstand long moderate droughts.  It is very hardy in almost any soil from sand to clay.  A mature tree can be 40 to 70 feet tall and can live up to 100 years old.  Its leaves are a beautiful green in summer and turn a rich yellow in fall. These trees are very fast growing and make an excellent windbreak when planted about 20 feet apart.  You can buy them in single or multi stem clusters.  River Birch are prized because they are pretty year round because of their gorgeous orange peeling bark.  They grow in zones 4-9.


Right: Medium aged multi stem riverbirch.

A great picture of the popular, gorgeous peeling orange bark!
A great picture of the popular, gorgeous peeling orange bark!
A classic example of a mature trees crown and shape.

River Birch growing at farm