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Bushes For Sale

Arrowwood Viburnum "Dentatum"

Arrowwood Viburnum "Dentatum"Flowers are flat topped and in clusters  of white about 3 inches across. Bloom time is late May to early June.  In the fall the bush is loaded with beautiful deep purple berries. Leaves in the summer are gorgeous and a deep shiny green!  In the fall colors range from yellow to reddish purple depending on your soil type!  They make a great hedge and are very hardy.  Height 5-8 feet if untrimmed or left wild. They make a great trimmed hedge!
Zones 2-7


Right: Arrowwood Vibernum with berries and rare spring flower in October!


Cranberry Viburnum "Trilobum"

Cranberry Viburnum "Trilobum"Flowers are flat topped and in clusters of white about 4 inches across! Flowers bloom in May. Flowers are followed by clusters of brilliant red fruit that stays on the plant until late fall!  New leaves are slightly reddish cast but rich green in the summer and yellow-purple red in fall.  Height 7-9 feet if untrimmed or left wild.  They make a great trimmed hedge.  Zones 3-7

Right: Cranberry Vibernum in fall with berries.