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Blackhill Spruce Trees

Blackhill Spruce Tree is the state tree of South Dakota. This is a hardy ornamental tree that some say is superior to its cousin the White Spruce. In my experience I can see little difference except maybe a slightly darker appearance. Grows in Zones 2-6. It will reach a height of 30-60 foot with a spread of about 15-25 foot depending on the tree. This tree grows around 12 inches a year but is not unusual to grow 16-24 inches in a rainy season. This tree likes full sun meaning it prefers a minimum of four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day, but it will handle partial shade but the tree will grow thinner. Blackhills like Moist, gravelly or sandy loam soil and fine clay soils. It is drought tolerant once it is established. Grows Pyramidal naturally without pruning. Great for privacy screen, shelterbelt or accent planting.